6 Questions with Hilton Barbour

Hilton Barbour


Hilton Barbour

Marketing Provocateur
What’s your favourite thing about doing business out of Toronto?

Vibrant city, eclectic and diverse community, neighbourhood feel within a big city.

What is the one thing you’d like to see the City of Toronto accomplish for businesses in 2018?

Businesses is a broad definition and its hard to define something that will equally benefit start-ups, SMB and Enterprise level businesses IMHO. I believe a “smarter” city would be a significant step forward.

What is the one buzzword or trend you’d like to see die in 2018?


What is your favourite curse word?

Sucka Da Nutz – SDN for short

Where do you go in Toronto when you need to focus and allow your mind to work through complex business challenges?

Love Child Social on Bathurst

Top 3 Favourite Things to Do in Toronto
1. Walk on the Broadwalk in the Beaches
2. Cycle through High Park
3. Follow Matt DP on Instagram