6 Questions with Jeff Goldenberg

Jef Goldenberg

Jeff Goldenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
What’s your favourite thing about doing business out of Toronto?

I like that International talent is starting to consider Toronto as a top destination to live and work. Expanding the talent pool and competing with US based companies is really important.

What is the one thing you’d like to see the City of Toronto accomplish for businesses in 2018?

Make it easier and quicker for qualified International talent to move to Toronto. It’s getting better but we still have to wait ages for the paperwork etc. It’s critical that the city strikes while the iron is hot.

What is the one buzzword or trend you’d like to see die in 2018?

Strike while the iron is hot.

What is your favourite curse word?

Caralho (Portuguese curse words)

Where do you go in Toronto when you need to focus and allow your mind to work through complex business challenges?

I meditate. Think about the problem as hard as you can, and then totally stop. The answer will come.

Top 3 Favourite Things to Do in Toronto
1. Eat Korean food
2. Go the Blue Jays games
3. Escape to Muskoka