6 Questions with Mandy Gilbert

Mandy Gilbert

Mandy Gilbert

Founder & CEO
Creative Niche & RED Academy
What’s your favourite thing about doing business out of Toronto?

Toronto has such a vibrant and diverse business community made of smart, driven and interesting people.

What is the one thing you’d like to see the City of Toronto accomplish for businesses in 2018?

Continue to put Toronto on the map as a smart place for emerging and innovative international companies to set-up here.

What is the one buzzword or trend you’d like to see die in 2018?


What is your favourite curse word?

Dang it (it’s an Oklahoma thang)

Where do you go in Toronto when you need to focus and allow your mind to work through complex business challenges?

Shangri-La lobby lounge

Top 3 Favourite Things to Do in Toronto
1. Hanging out in the Junction
2. Trying new restaurants around the city
3. Long walks through High Park