The Spiral Theory

Welcome to The Spiral Theory, a local DIY band with strong vocal harmonies, and modern rock sound with a Gin Blossoms meets the Police vibe.  Made up of Sandeep Swaminathan (vocals), Joe Liranzo (Guitars) and Alan Dennis (Drums), they have been perfecting their “clean” sound since 2018.   Like many indie bands during the pandemic, they did lose their bassist due to the lack of shows and lack of income from the past 18 months+ (note: any bass players reading this, auditions are open and they will be auditioning in September).

Lead singer, Sandeep arrived in Canada in 2018 from India.  After a few open mic nights at the Cavern in the King & Church area and being new to the city, Sandeep was encouraged by people he met at the open mic to find other band members through Kijiji.   After finding the current line-up, plus their bass player, who came from a Blue Rodeo tribute band, they practiced and rehearsed for most of 2018 & 2019, and began booking festivals in 2019.  Through their rehearsals, they found their own niche, sometimes performing original music, sometimes performing note-for-note as a tribute band to The Police, U2, R.E.M. and often a mix of both.

They started to build an audience at the Linsmore tavern on the Danforth and were heading into 2020 with strong momentum, including over 25 booked gigs before the pandemic shut everything down.

They were still able to do a few stripped down acoustic sets through 2020, including shows in Ancaster, Burlington and Midtown Toronto, but spent most of their time, like many other bands, amping up their social media with livestreams from home, Instagram reels & IGTV.  

Paid gigs are still difficult these days as the city re-opens and bars have limited capacity.  So, when you have a moment, check out the Spiral Theory debut album, “Turn of the Tide” and their recent single, “Shoreline” on your favorite streaming service.    

And to support the band, you can follow them here: 




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