This is whereisluna (aka Amy Han).  A former business school student turned musician, Han grew up all around the GTA including Hamilton, Pickering, Woodbridge, Aurora, went to school in Guelph and then finally settled in Toronto.  Music has always been a big part of her life, but she has been taking it more seriously over the past 4 years.

When she was still in business school in Guelph, she started attending music related workshops, courses and networking events in Toronto.  She wasn’t able to connect with her business program, but she found herself routinely inspired by learning anything she could from people in the music industry.  She absorbed it like a sponge and it fueled her fire to eventually pursue music over business as something she saw herself loving and doing for the rest of her life.  Through music she saw the opportunity to express herself and speak her mind in ways being an accountant would never have been possible.

At first, Han felt “super awkward” as a newbie outsider attending music events in Toronto, but quickly found them to be extremely friendly.  She would often go to these events by herself, and with a combination of “liquid courage and ladyballs,” she made a goal for herself to meet at least 1 or 2 people at each event to learn about the industry and her experience.

Originally, her band name was “Lunaa”, a recognition of the fact that she does most of her writing at night.  Night is when she feels the most inspired, but it’s also because she had lived in a toxic household.  She would stay up late and write on her balcony as it was the only place she found peace.  To this day, Han finds she still functions best, writing at night.

Unfortunately, there are many other artists with the word Luna in their band name, causing confusion in getting her name out there.  To maintain the intent and to create some uniqueness, she changed the name to “whereisluna”, which reflects where her head is at since so much of her writing comes from “dealing with mental health or just being able to speak her mind the way she wants to.” 

During the first year of the pandemic, mental health was a real struggle for Han.  Her Mom and brother are both nurses.  To stay in a bubble with them, she had to be extremely cautious and responsible.  The isolation and intense alone time put Han in a slump.  For a year, she felt stuck.

As Toronto worked through the longest lockdown in the world, Han started to go outside, take walks, get some fresh air, and scheduling zoom calls with friends and family to see their faces and just talk again.  This edging back to normal helped her writing.  Han also found new meditations and set a goal of reading a book every month.  The goal setting was the one constant she could control outside and inside.  

After taking care of her mental health first, she was able to write a handful of songs, some of which are coming out soon.   Recently released by whereisluna, is “Out my head” with frequent collaborator, Mindy – and another titled – “quarter century pity party” – which she is really excited about.  Expect a fun twist on the existential life crisis.

Also, somewhere in the archives, she has a song written about a specific waterfall in Hamilton near McMaster university, which she may or may not release some day.  This is part of a collection of songs she used to write about Hamilton and her summer adventures there.  For her fans, feel free to ask her about it. 

For more information about whereisluna and her streams, go here:


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