Alex Southey

This is Alex Southey.  Born in Vancouver, Alex moved to Toronto when he was 6, growing up in the suburb of Markham.  Like many suburban teens, he grew up on popular music, especially U.S. artists.   But by 25, he had developed his own musical tastes and styles, committed to becoming an artist and learning from bands like the Tragically Hip about how to write songs about Canada, without being “cringey.”

Alex is as prolific as he is vulnerable.  Since 2019, Alex, has released 3 full length albums and 2 EPs, with the most recent LP, “…And the Country Stirred,” released in 2021 received critical acclaim with its cinematic sound and lyrical storytelling.  His upcoming EP, “My Nights On The Island”, set for release on Sept. 17th, opens up about the break-up of a relationship while also addressing the fragmentation we have all been feeling during this ‘inbetween’ period of life.

The second single from the new EP, “The Gods are Fighting” is as much about the pressure a city can put on its population, as the pressure one partner can put on another.” Alex said, “It’s about a frayed relationship coming to a close, acknowledging the perspectives of the people involved, and seeing the malicious behaviour you’re exhibiting.”

The music scene in Toronto has sometimes been called cold and insular by those trying to break in.  While still a self-proclaimed outsider, with each release, Alex has been building his audience and getting closer to feeling part of the scene.   During the pandemic, Alex was compelled to keep creating.  His compulsion to write and create also helped work through challenges with depression, a break-up, feelings of isolation due to the lockdown and mental health.

A big turning point for Alex was connecting with Daniel Monkman aka Zoon, who was recently nominated for a 2021 Polaris Prize for his ‘moccasin gaze’ album, Bleached Wavves.  Alex reached out to Daniel about his album and Daniel was incredibly generous with his time, response and advice to Alex.  Daniel helped Alex better navigate the world of PR & publicity and ultimately increase the exposure his music has been getting.

You can catch Alex every Tuesday at an open mic night he runs at the Imperial Pub at Dundas St East & Yonge St with fellow musician Mitch MacEachern (who goes by the band name ‘understandtrees’) which feels more like musical improv with a tight knit group of musicians jamming with each other creating a truly familial vibe.  You can also catch Alex on Sept. 16th at the Free Times Cafe at 9pm with Gaby Grice opening at 7pm.   

Check out Alex on your streaming platform of choice, and you can follow updates from Alex at:


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