Lucid Smog Disorder

This is Lucid Smog Disorder (LSD).

A pop-punk band born out of the pandemic, LSD is Jack Doris (vocals, guitar), Daryn Pancer (guitar, vocals), Bronson Aguiar (Bass) and Matt Yuyitung (drums).  With strong melodies and lyrics that are surprisingly both pessimistic and hopeful at the same time, their songs reveal a broad range of influences that include Green Day, Blink 182, Husker Du, Ramones, Bikini Kill, Dog Party, Beatles, Beach Boys, the Penguins, Black Flag, Descendents; White Reaper, Freethrow, Scooped Up, and The Clash. 

The idea of the band has been mulling around in Jack’s head for almost 5 years.  All of the band members had been involved in other projects pre-Covid.  But over the course of the last 20 months, the impact of the pandemic “cleared out a lot of brush and created a lot of fertile soil for Jack, Daryn, Bronson and Matt. 

Over a year ago, Jack moved back to Toronto from Collingwood.  He knew Daryn from growing up in the same neighborhood.  While many of the songs for the first album were already written, Jack and Daryn bubbled and bunkered in Daryn’s rehearsal space and worked on the harmonies, guitars and technical parts of the songs.  They both wanted these songs to get out into the world.  This was their full-time job. Their motto through rehearsing  – “you got to live life while you have life to live.”

The band rounded out as Jack knew Matt from high school.  They were in jazz bands together and he knew “Matt could play the fucking drums,” a sentiment shared by the entire band.  Jack also knew Bronson from camp and the neighborhood.  They would send songs to Bronson and overnight he would quickly have a bass riff that vibed with the mix.

Their first single, reminiscent of early Green Day, The Walls Talk to Me was released in early 2021.   They followed it up with a more adrenaline-fueled, under 2 minute punk song, 10,000 Hours.  

Eager to start getting the songs out into the world, the band started playing live gigs in mid-August as the city re-opened.   Their first show, put on by local charity, Save Toronto Music Venues, was at Living Colour formerly known as Tail of the Junction. 

The first show was a perfect storm of bands and people who really wanted to share in the joy of live music again – an “Orgasm of Music,” as Daryn describes it.  After the show, Daryn couldn’t sleep.  The residual energy and adrenaline from the live show experience made him realize he wanted this feeling every weekend.

For Jack, there is a line in their single  – Beverley – that brought the first show to life for him – “legacies unwind but only in my mind.”  Seeing the songs come to life with a crowd of people rocking out to them was incredibly surreal after a year of practicing.

Another change that LSD noticed about the return of live music, post-Covid, was that bands were more grateful to be playing gigs again and were far more open to sharing gear and happy to help each other out.  Prior to Covid, bands were a bit more standoff-ish and somewhat competitive.   But, there seems to be way more camaraderie now and more of a community that the band hopes will stick around.  

The debut album, Psychedelicacy, came out on November 12th.  12 tracks recorded on their own time and own dime.  While it was influenced by their own personal history of rock and roll and the bands that influenced them, they also allowed themselves room to experiment.  They put an amp in the dryer and recorded it.  They recorded a toilet bowl. You’ll also hear clarinet, bongos, bongs, triangle, and saxophones along with the harmonies and catchy melodies that make each song get stuck in your head. 

The album release was celebrated with a record release show at the Bovine.  Again, put on by Save Toronto Music Venues and this time part of the proceeds went to Canadian Mental Association as a nod to the mental health struggles the band went through during the pandemic.  Opening for them were local hard rock band, Shot Down Twice and post-hardcore band, Life Post-Mortem.  

You can see them next on December 17th at Hard Luck Bar with Black Budget and Wednesday Bender.

To stay up to-date on LSD, you can follow them at:

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